My first summer capsule wardrobe for 2018

Hey babe, it’s been a while since I’ve written about fashion and minimalism on my blog. The truth is I have been organizing my wardrobe for the last few months. Being a minimalist helps me to not buy clothing and accessories I don’t really need. It also means I haven’t really updated my closet in ages. That’s why I’ve been curating my first summer capsule wardrobe for the last two weeks. Because I really didn’t have an actual summer wardrobe. I really can’t wait to tell you all about it in this article and my new video, let’s go!

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Jeans and t-shirts

I’m starting to understand what works best for me: Jeans and t-shirts. I guess I’m a simple girl, even though I’ve been buying the most ‘eccentric’ pieces for years. Mainly because I wanted to look high fashion and cool. Those eccentric clothes always ended up in the back of my closet, because I never found the perfect moment to wear them. Neither did I feel comfortable in those items, so I simply never put them on. Such a waste and that’s why I finally figured out I need simple outfits in my life.

Therefor my summer capsule wardrobe is very simple, comfortable and still stylish. Well, let’s just say that’s my opinion because I’m certain there are more stylish people out there, haha! In my summer wardrobe you will find more than just jeans and t-shirts though, because I also work at my office a few days per week. I added some classy pieces and minimalistic coats to elevate my looks. I think a statement piece here and there doesn’t hurt your wardrobe, even when you’re a minimalist.

My life, my wardrobe

Everyone has a different life and no minimalist capsule wardrobe can or has to be the same. My life exists out of working from home, at the office or on the road. Comfortable yet stylish outfits are my favorite. I love wearing jeans because I often travel with public transportation and even summers in Holland can be cold. Jeans are the best for me when it comes to daily life. I also have my little dog, which I walk about three to four times a day. That’s why I often throw on a big old sweater to protect my clothes from dog paw stains.

I’m a clumsy person and I tend to spill food or drinks on myself. I often have to change my tops the same day just because I get them dirty very fast. Not very handy when I have my business appointments, oops! I work out three to four times, but I don’t lounge around in fitness gear at all. That’s just not my style and I do my workouts at night, so I shower after and go to bed. No dressing up necessary after workouts. I also hop on my bike to get some groceries at the mall behind my house two days a week. No need to look fancy in the supermarket, is there?

summer capsule wardrobePIN IT!

Let’s break it down

Now that you know what type of life I live, it’s easier to understand my capsule wardrobe. It’s filled with jeans, t-shirts and some statement pieces because I still like to look somewhat fab. I managed to create a summer wardrobe with only 30 pieces of clothes, what!? I really thought I would end up with way more clothes than that. I guess I’m better at creating a capsule wardrobe than I thought, haha! So let’s see what’s in my summer capsule wardrobe.

30 clothing items

  1. H&M string body black
  2. H&M string body grey
  3. Zara frill top – outfit idea here
  4. We fashion basic white t-shirt
  5. Monki t-shirt with lips on the nips – outfit idea here
  6. Zara t-shirt with green tagline
  7. Ganni love stories t-shirt – Outfit idea
  8. Ganni sunny beaches t-shirt
  9. Pull and Bear white t-shirt with black tagline
  10. Mango black t-shirt with pink tagline
  11. H&M long grey sleeveless top
  12. H&M shirt dress with flower print
  13. H&M baby blue dress with tied sleeves
  14. H&M baby blue of the shoulder dress
  15. H&M black beach dress
  16. H&M long grey cardigan
  17. H&M long beige cardigan
  18. Ellesse dark blue velvet hoody – Outfit idea
  19. Only jeans jacket with studs
  20. Zara grey blazer with pearly buttons
  21. Zara yellow blazer – Outfit idea
  22. Weekday pink velvet bomber – Outfit idea
  23. Weekday long green trench coat
  24. Tommy Hilfiger navy trench coat
  25. H&M blue frilled skirt – Outfit idea
  26. H&M black skirt – outfit idea here
  27. H&M regular waist grey jeans
  28. H&M regular waist shaping jeans
  29. H&M high waist jeans
  30. H&M high waist jeans with details

3 bags

  1. A thrifted basket bag with flower print
  2. Ted Baker moon bag in pink
  3. Fjällräven Kanken pink backpack, 13-inch laptop version – outfit idea here

5 pairs of shoes

  1. Dune heels in blue – outfit idea hee
  2. Invito beige pumps
  3. Vans plateau sneakers in black
  4. Dune nerdy flats in black patent leather
  5. Havaiana slingback slippers in black

5 accessories

  1. Black suede waist belt by Vero Moda
  2. Cluse watch
  3. Vedder en Vedder jewelry
  4. Baublebar jewelry
  5. Swarovski Christie earrings

minimalist wardrobePIN IT!

The brands

Well, not shopping at H&M hasn’t been a success, as you can tell by my list. I have a lot of H&M clothes because they’re the only ones that actually fit me well. I was able to spend and invest in some more expensive pieces and better brands. And I will continue to do so for the rest of the year. For now I’m just happy I have somewhat of a summer wardrobe, because I had to do without one for years. I also have to say not everything in my minimalist capsule summer wardrobe is new.

A lot of items are from one or two summers ago. They are still up to date and in good shape, so I will continue to wear them this summer. I tend to mix my cheaper clothes with high end items, like my Ted Baker bag or Dune heels. This quickly elevates my looks and it makes me look a little more mature. I’ve also invested in some new jewelry items from Vedder en Vedder. These high-quality pieces will make me look a little more chique on a daily basis. And that’s my summer capsule wardrobe, do you like it?

How many pieces do you have in your capsule wardrobe for summer?


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