My new Coach key case

Call me old fashioned, but I love me a good key case. Mainly because it’s the perfect accessory to help protect the screen of my phone. Yes, a key case will do that for you. It keeps your keys from dangling around in your purse and scratching sensitive surfaces. Since using a key case my phone and sunglasses don’t end up scratched anymore, love it! My old key case broke down a few months ago and so I started looking for a new one. I came across this really cool Coach key case at the Bijenkorf.

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It’s even better than my old one, because that one did not have card slots. My new Coach key case does have two card slots, which are perfect for holding my gym membership card, haha! I have to be honest and say I’m not really a fan of the print on this key case. I’d rather have a black key case without a print. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find one, but this Coach key case is still a pretty good option. It’s looks very sophisticated and fun, because of the star print. I like that it’s made out of sturdy leather, so it will last even longer.

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I do think they should have given this Coach key case a bit more space for keys. Living in an apartment means having more keys, since I have to open more doors to get to my house. When I put all my keys in this key case it looks a bit bulky and it doesn’t fit into my smaller party bags. That’s the only thing I don’t like about this key case. One side always ends up thicker, although that doesn’t really matter when you carry a bigger bag. A key case still is a fantastic way to save your phone screen and sunglasses, give it a try!

Have you ever owned a key case?


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leather key casePIN IT!

leather key casePIN IT!

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