My new Pandora Timeless elegance ring

I used to hate wearing jewelry, mainly because my skin would react to the metals and eczema would pop up. Now that my skin is doing much better, I’ve come to love wearing jewelry. I have a thing for dainty, minimalistic jewelry and my sister totally gets it. She literally had me falling of the couch when I opened the Christmas gift she gave me. Inside was the Pandora Timeless elegance ring. This ring has been on the top of my wish list for at least a year and my sister gave it to me, whoohoo!

The Pandora Timeless elegance ring is a timeless piece I can where whenever I want. My sister got me the silver version which is set with cubic zirconia’s. It shines from every angle and you can sometimes see little pieces of rainbow in the stones. What I like most about this ring is that it has a square centerpiece stone. It’s different than the round stones you usually see on rings. The big stone is also surrounded by smaller stones which makes the ring look very luxurious.

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My mom jokingly asked where I left my husband, since the Pandora Timeless elegance ring looks like it also could be a wedding ring. And to be honest, I wouldn’t mind an upgraded version of this one as a wedding ring. I personally think this ring is beautiful regardless of its meaning. I really wanted this ring because I love the look. It makes my hands look more elegant and it just makes me feel like a million bucks. The simplicity in combination with the shiny stones really does it for me.

I also know that Pandora rings are really well made. My sister has one with a bigger rock on it and that one is still beautiful after a few years. Just like the three rings I gave my mother, which turned out the be amongst her favorite ones. I’m super happy and grateful for this amazing Christmas gift my sister gave me. I just wanted to share that happiness and also give you an idea of what to buy for yourself. If you want to give your jewelry collection a good update, the Pandora Timeless elegance ring might be the piece for you.

What kind of rings do you like, big or dainty?


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