My new Sandro Lou bag

There’s something about finding the perfect bag. The thrill of finally having it in your hands and being able to wear it. Aaah, I love it! And I’m somewhat of a granny when it comes to bags. I like bags with a vintage look in dark reds and deep browns. And I will never say no to a simple black bag or purse. But being a minimalist makes me think twice about buying bags. So I had been holding off on buying the Sandro Lou bag for at least a year.

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Until I saw it on sale in December and I could not resist buying the dark red one. You see, the Sandro Lou bag is the perfect cross body bag with a different vintage look. It’s the kind of bag that will still be cool ten years from now. Like I said, I’m a bit of granny when it comes to bags. I like the timeless and classic look. The Sandro Lou bag is one of those bags that has it all, but is still modern enough for the coming years.

The Sandro Lou bag I bought is made of a 100% calfskin leather. Taking good care of it will make it last for many years to come. It’s in a burgundy shade of red and it looks super chic, if you ask me. I also like the different shape it has, it keeps grabbing my attention. That is why I had to have this bag. If I forget a bag after seeing it, it’s not the one. If I can’t get it out of my head, it’s usually a good one to buy.

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So, the Lou bag is quite expensive. It will set you back $345 dollars or €295 euro’s. That is why I waited it for the sale and I got it with a 40% discount, boom! See, this bag is timeless! That’s why it doesn’t matter I didn’t buy it immediately when it first came out. As a minimalist, I do not care for trends anyway, I am saving my money for the classics. If you are looking for a bag with an interesting look, the Sandro Lou bag might be the one.

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Forget about the YSL, Chanel and Louis Vuitton bags. Nope, a bag does not always have to be super expensive to be an eye catcher or a staple in your wardrobe. I guess I’m just very happy with the Lou bag because it’s not out there too much. Only a few people seem to have found this beauty of a bag. It’s still special and I’m going to use it a lot! Can’t wait to show you all of my outfits with this bag.

So what do you think about the Lou?


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