My old jeans fit!

About three years ago I bought a pair a pair of H&M jeans. Nothing special you’d think, but these jeans fit me like a glove and looked great on me. And then I got fat. Really, really, really fat. I had been struggling with my weight since I was 21, when I started eating out of stress. If you have been following me for a while you already know this. So, when I bought these jeans I was actually at my normal weight between 58 and 60 kilo’s. Now I’m almost there again (60,7 kg at the moment) and my old jeans fit!

old jeansPIN IT!

You can follow my weight loss journey in my Summer Body Challenge series. To make a long story short: I was at my highest weight at 69,3 kg when I started my journey in March. I could not get these jeans past my knees and thighs. Yes, I was really overweight for my body shape and height. I held on to these old jeans for dear live. I kept them in my closet thinking I should be able to wear them soon. Well, that took me a few years, haha!

About three weeks ago I had no jeans to wear, except for these old jeans. Hanging around 61 kg I thought I’d give them a try. To my surprise my old jeans fit and they looked great on me yet again! This just made me feel so proud, because this means I finally found my mojo. Eating Keto really helped me find the perfect eating style for me. It also helped me lose all that fat and weight. But what is really good to know is that the mental part is easy now.

my old jeans fitPIN IT!

Fitting into my old jeans wasn’t my main goal. Nope, I really wanted to understand why I was eating so much out of stress. I had a hard time quitting that habit and finding another way to relieve stress. I also could not figure out why I wasn’t losing weight, even though I was eating about 1200 calories a day for a while. Which I do not recommend because that is pretty low! Well, I guess I forgot that my body is different and I just had to find my own way.

The mental part of weight loss for me, was figuring out how to stop eating out of stress. I had to find out where the stress was coming from and how to deal with that. This was my main goal and I found a solution. Besides working out three times a week, I eliminated some stressful things from my life. And then my mother tipped me about low carb eating. She was losing weight really fast with one of those diets.

I started Googling and found the Keto diet. Turns out it’s very similar to the way I was eating a few years ago. I remembered I was losing weight back then very easily too. Keto has become a lifestyle for me and I love it. I don’t have stomachaches any more, the bloating is gone and so is the fat. Now that my old jeans fit again, I’m starting to realize how good it feels to have control again, in a positive way.

old jeansPIN IT!

I guess I want to tell you that weight loss is mostly a mental thing. Find out what is bothering you and fix it. Start doing some type of activity and look into your eating habits. And yes, it might take a while, but you will get there! Trust me, it took me about six years to completely change my lifestyle. But I have done it and I’ve got this. It’s a part of me now and I feel so much more relaxed than I ever did. So go ahead, fit into your old jeans again. You can do it!

Much love,


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  • Puck van Rooij

    Supergoed! 😀 Ik pas nog met moeite in mijn oude(re) jeans, dus bij mij mogen er ook wel wat pondjes vanaf, anders moet ik een nieuwe garderobe aanschaffen haha! Ik merk dat ik steeds ongezonder/minder ”bewust” ben gaan eten, dus ik ga zeker wat dingen opzoeken over het Keto dieet. Klinkt interessant!

    • Kaya-Quintana
      Puck van Rooij

      Ja, dat had ik eerst ook. Nu zit ik met kleren die te groot zijn, haha! Het Keto dieet is meer een lifestyle en dus naar mijn ervaring makkelijk te doen als je er gewend aan bent. Mocht je wat willen weten dan help ik je graag! 🙂

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