My strict Keto meals on the Summer Body Challenge

Oh, wow! We are already at episode three of the Summer Body Challenge 2019. And I have to say, this week was pretty intense. I was teaching a social media class every day and I was extremely busy after with other work. Which worked in my favor when it came intermittent fasting and getting into ketosis. Since I was busy working till noon anyway, I never really thought of food in the mornings. But when the afternoons rolled around, it got ugly. The first three days of the week were very good Keto wise. I was around 30 and under 50 grams of carbs every day.

getting into ketosisPIN IT!

But then Thursday came around and I messed up by eating cookies. Super stupid of course, because I kicked myself out of ketosis. I was almost fully in ketosis as I could feel my body behave differently. I started getting the familiar headaches, started peeing a lot and I lost weight. After two days of messing up, I’m now back on the strict Keto diet I was on at the beginning of the week. Because that’s what the Summer Body Challenge is all about. You fall ten times, but you get up eleven times. Nope, we are not giving up! I’m getting back into ketosis.

Check out my progress in this new episode and let me know what’s up with your progress. Love you lots,


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