New crystal pendants

Remember I went to that crystal convention last Sunday? I showed you in my newest vlog and I got myself some nice goodies. I’ve always had a thing for crystals because they look beautiful. To be honest, their mythical powers and stories always intrigue me. I like how their energy or auras can have some effect on our wellbeing. Yes, I truly believe they can have a positive effect on us. If not and it’s just in my mind, I still have some pretty crystal pendants to wear.

crystal pendants

The crystal pendants I bought are all in the same style. I like how they are elongated instead of their original rounded shape. I got these because I want to layer them. I like mixing different sizes of necklaces and crystal pendants. Because all the crystal pendants are a product of nature, they are never the same exact size. That is what I like, it makes my layered necklaces look less matchy-matchy.

crystal pendants

There were so many crystals to choose from at the crystal convention, I just started picking the once that really caught my eye. I have a thing for marble, so that was easy. I got myself a white and a grey marble pendant. These were €7 per piece and that’s a pretty good price. I’m not aware of any benefits marble can have, I could only find some information about it’s cleansing properties. Sounds good to me!

marble pendant

I think my favorite is the crystal pendant with the rainbow quartz, love it! This is a quartz stone treated with some kind of mix of titanium or gold, if I understood correctly. It turns the upper layer of the stone into this beautiful rainbow-colored mix. And everyone needs a bit of rainbow in their life, jackpot! They say rainbow quartz can spark energy and creativity, can’t say no to that!

rainbow quartz

The pink crystal pendant is made from rose quartz, a beautiful soft color if you ask me. They say this crystal is all about love. It’s supposed to open your heart to give and receive love. Well, I could use some help with that. I haven’t been on a date in months, haha! The baby blue pendant is made of opalite crystal. I get really mesmerized by this beautiful shade of blue, mainly because it’s my favorite color.

rainbow quartz pendant

They say opalite crystals are helpful with meditation and communication. Sounds perfect to me since I work in PR, I’m always communicating. But all jokes aside, it should also help you with some all-round healing. Now I do believe these crystals can have a good effect on people. I am however realistic and always conscious of the fact that a crystal won’t solve all my problems. I do not rely on items to get stuff done.

rose quartz pendant

But I’ve had crystal pendants for years and I tend to get used to them. I notice I often hold them or touch them during the day. Mostly because I like to fidget and holding a crystal calms me down. Maybe these crystals do really work, haha! I just like to stay open minded and wear these crystals because I think they’re beautiful. And if they help me out while look pretty, I won’t complain.

Would you ever consider wearing crystals for their healing properties?


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crystal pendants

marble pendant

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