Office adventures: I found the perfect office

Hey babe, thanks for sticking with me while I run around like crazy. As you can see in this new Office Adventures episode, I have found the perfect office. Since this Saturday I have been going to furniture shops and putting furniture together. I feel like I’m in a giant rollercoaster and I can’t get out, haha! Yes, these last few weeks have been complete chaos. But once the office is done, I will be back with regular articles and videos.

office adventuresPIN IT!

I just have to think about my health and sanity. The last three months have been all about work and my body is really starting to notice that. I am tired and I could use a holiday. So blogging and vlogging on top of all of this isn’t possible right now. I feel horrible not being able to post as much as I normally do, but I just have to make the right decision now. Which is taking it easy and finish this office move first. In the meantime, you can enjoy this new Office Adventure episode.

Let me know what you think about the office,


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