Period weight gain on the Summer Body Challenge

Welcome to the second episode of the Summer Body Challenge 2019. This week started off so well, so well… But then my stomach got upset and my period cravings started haunting me. Overall, I did pretty good compared to the last few months, but I still have to step it up big time! That’s why I had my first workout of the week on Saturday. I went for a run and actually did pretty well under the circumstances. Meaning I was about to get my period, which is also the reason why I gained water weight.

summer body challengePIN IT!

Running was pretty hard to be honest. I was out of breath fast and my chest was cramping up a lot. So did my uterus, oops! It was really weird to run knowing my period was about to come and when I came home it actually came. So I’m still quite surprised I was able to run about 4 km instead of the usual 5 km. And although I didn’t lose weight this week, I am proud of the fact that I did go for a run. Every win is a win!

How did your Summer Body Challenge week go?


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