Six natural and organic focused beauty products

Let’s talk natural and organic beauty products, they seem to be everywhere these days. Which is a good thing in my opinion. Using chemical and synthetic filled products all your Iife can’t be good. Luckily there are many organic and natural beauty brands to choose from. But if you’re allergic like me, it can be hard to go fully natural. But every bit helps, and I hope my favorite natural and organic focused beauty products will help you achieve a healthier skincare routine. I personally can’t use every natural or organic product, as they often contain ingredients I’m allergic for.

For instance, my skin reacts very quickly to many plant and flower extracts. There are also certain nut oils which are very dangerous in my case. Therefor I can never go fully organic or natural because of my allergies. So no, not all natural and organic products are good for everyone. Fully organic and natural beauty products can also be quite expensive, therefor I’ve also added some budget options. I found some brands who aren’t marketing themselves as natural and organic, but do have a lot of natural ingredients in their products. Which is perfect for people who want to dip their toes into this skincare niche. Hopefully these natural and organic focused beauty products are also a good fit for you, so let’s dive into my favorites!

Melvita Nector de roses hydrating day cream – €26,50 shop at

I once received this day cream from a PR agency and it’s amazing! I will definitely buy this day cream again as it’s such a soft and gentle formula. It truly hydrates my sometimes super dry skin really well. It also leaves my skin feeling soft with a radiant look. Melvita is such a good brand when it comes to affordable organic skincare. They use organic ingredients as much as possible and they stay away from ingredients like parabens and mineral oils. And of course, they are animal cruelty and testing free, whoohoo!

Melvita Argan oil – €39 shop at

Oh lord, this is one of the best Argan oils I’ve ever used. And also the only one I will repurchase as it feels really good on my skin. This Argan oil can be used for your face and body, and a little goes a long way. I personally love using this on my arm, legs and feet the most, as it gives the skin a beautiful hydrated sheen. It’s also one of the few oils that doesn’t close of my skin. I’ve never had an allergic reaction to it and it actually helps to revive my dry skin, especially during the summer months. It soaks in pretty fast so you don’t have to worry about the oil staining your clothes or other fabrics.

Kruidvat Originals apricot scrub cream – €1,99 shop at

Kruidvat is a Dutch drugstore and their originals line isn’t officially natural or organic. I still want to include two of their products, because they are very affordable and a nice step towards fully natural and organic products. First up is their apricot scrub cream which I already wrote a full review about. The reason why I love it so much is because it actually works, it’s the best scrub I’ve ever had! And then there’s the apricot particles which actually are made from grinded apricot pits. So no fake plastic beads that can ruin the environment when you wash them off your face. I’d say that’s an organic win!

Kruidvat Originals almond oil – €1,99 shop at

Yes, another oil for your skin which is very good in my opinion. No, it’s not pure almond oil as you may be able to tell by the price. But the other ingredients are all pretty good and scored very well on the Paula’s Choice ingredient dictionary. So even though you do not get pure almond oil, you will definitely be able to enjoy ingredients that are 95% natural. Because they did add some perfume and ingredients to manipulate the texture of this face oil. Nonetheless, I think this almond oil is a good step when you want to get into a more organic and natural beauty skincare routine.

Yves Rocher Tan activator beautifying mist – €20,90 shop at

This brand is very underrated in my opinion. Yves Rocher really needs a better PR agency and they are very welcome at mine. Because their philosophy and products are amazing. I’ve been buying their products since I was a teenager and the Tan activator beautifying mist is a must have. If you can get your hands on this, get yourself a bottle or two. This spray has helped me tan faster, but also prolong my tan after getting out of the sun. Which is amazing if you have trouble getting your tan on and it also smells fantastic.

Clarins Beauty flash balm – €43 or $50 shop at Douglas

Another underrated brand which focusses on using plant extracts in all their products. No, they don’t identify as an organic or natural beauty brand. Though they are one of the best at using 100% pure plant extract oils in their products. And I’ve been using their products since I was eighteen and they are truly amazing. One of my favorites is their Beauty flash balm. This balm gives my skin a beautiful radiant sheen. It hydrates and helps me create a beautiful complexion. During the summer I usually just wear this and some sunscreen. It’s all you need and I absolutely love it!

I hope my favorite natural and organic focused beauty products will help you create the perfect skincare routine. Definitely let me know which brands and products you prefer. Because I am always on the lookout for better options.

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