Spring cleaning my house

Spring has arrived and I am super ready for it! I did need to do some cleaning in my house and so this ‘spring clean with me video’ was born. I’m not a fan of cleaning, mainly because I have a dust allergy. Whenever I clean, I end up with itchy and swollen eyes. Therefore cleaning is absolutely necessary, because a cleaner house means less allergies. I’ve also been working from home a lot, as my health hasn’t been very good.

A clean and clutter free house helps me focus and work more efficiently. Meaning I create better results for my clients while working from home. Thankfully I’m faster when it comes to cleaning since I’ve become a minimalist. Less stuff means less cleaning, whoohoo! I do notice that once I start, I tend to nitpick everything. I suddenly see every little thing I don’t like, and I see all the flaws my house has. This makes cleaning a little annoying, as I really would love to change a thing or two about my living situation.

clean with mePIN IT!

When it comes to cleaning your house as a minimalist, I have a few good cleaning tips to share. I for instance always start with my favorite room, which is my bed room. I love hanging out in my bed and working there with my Macbook on my lap. It’s also an easy start as my bedroom contains the least amount of stuff. I then carry on to my living room, the kitchen, my toilet, bathroom and my walk-in-closet. That’s why I also advise you to start with one room, this helps you from feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by too much clutter.

My second tip is to work in sections. I personally love working from high to low, meaning I start with cleaning lamps and shelves first. Dust falls down, so it’s easy to clean that up last with the vacuum cleaner. I used to vacuum first, but then I’d end up vacuum a second time after dusting. Yeah… That wasn’t very smart, haha! So start high and work your way down. Working in sections also means I start cleaning in the back of the room and work my way to the front. This way I can actually see progress as I back up towards the door, love it!

I hope these quick tips help you clean your own room. Now, let’s get to it. Come and spring clean with me right now!


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