Summer Body Challenge #10: Hitting 64,4 KG on Keto

This Summer Body Challenge episode is one I really love. Hitting 64,4 kg on Keto really made me super happy. Staying on Keto was a little hard for me the last three weeks. Due to work it was hard to meal prep and keep my calories up like I should. So it’s extra cool that I managed to hit this new weight. I now am 4,4 kg away from my weight goal which is 60 kg. I know I can make if I just keep this up.

summer body challengePIN IT!

I also had a good end of my week because I started running again. I almost made it to 5 km which is better than I thought. It’s been more than a year ago since I had my last run, so I was ecstatic! Still being able to run that far (it’s far for me), seemed impossible but I did it! So I just want pass on my good vibes and my positive attitude to you. Use my new Summer Body Challenge episode for inspiration and get to it!

Much love,


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