Summer Body Challenge #4: Why I’m not losing weight

Why I’m not losing weight? Good question, tough answer. You probably noticed before that my skin hasn’t been looking normal. Since May my skin has been suffering from eczema and it’s driving me crazy, literally. Eczema itches like crazy and after a while it turns into a not so fun burned skin feeling. Needless to say, this keeps me up at night, which makes me feel tired and stressed during the day. And you know it, when I get stressed I eat, oops!

Although this past week was on the better hand, the two weeks before were not so good. I really tried eating Keto but the stress and frustration really got to me. I ended up eating a lot of cookies and chocolate chips. It was glorious by the way, haha! Can’t hate on baked chocolate goods, but that’s exactly why I wasn’t losing any weight. I went up to 63,3 coming from 61,4, very depressing. But I always so you can start working on the best version of yourself whenever you want, so I did.

not losing weightPIN IT!

I dusted that dirt of my shoulder and got myself back in the saddle this last week. I got onto the scale this morning and saw I lost weight. I’m currently at 62,9 and I’m trying to keep it up. Dealing with eczema is just very stressful and frustrating to me. I’m trying to work out a little more to deal with that, but I have to be honest and say it’s pretty hard for me right now. I hope my new Summer Body Challenge episode on not losing weight helps you out if you feel stressed and frustrated too. I hope we can give each other a much-needed pick me up!

Let’s keep going,


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