Summer Body Challenge #5: My boobs got smaller

Hey babe, ready for some weight loss motivation? Good, because I picked myself up and I’m working on my summer body goal yet again. I got some new motivation when I decided to catch some sunrays last weekend. I decided to grab a bikini, so I could get an even tan. Little did I know almost all bikini’s I own are now too big! Remember I already lost 9 kg before? Well, I ‘kinda’ forgot I did because I’m so focused on my new goal. While fitting my old bikini’s I noticed my boobs got smaller too.

Wait, whut!? Yes, my boobs got smaller and I knew they did. But now I really see the difference just by putting on my old bikini’s. Finally realizing I already made some really good progress before, my motivation came back instantly. I guess I’m trying to say you should not forget your progress. Try on your old clothes and actually see how far you’ve come. I personally tend to forget my wins and focus on my losses, bad move! I guess I need a reminder from time to time, just to see I’m doing better than I thought.

smaller boobsPIN IT!

If you are also very hard on yourself and forgetting progress already made, stop doing that immediately! I know it can be hard and I personally think it really is, but keep an eye on your accomplishments. We humans tend to focus on all that sucks. It’s natural but it’s not the best way to deal with anything. I am currently working really hard on bettering my mindset. It’s one of the things that’s holding me back. The funny thing is that something simple as a bikini that is now too big, made me understand this about myself more. And I’m back in the game!

Bikini’s brought me here, haha!


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