Summer Body Challenge: I lost 1 KG in one week

Oh yes, it’s full on summer now but my summer body still isn’t ready. To be honest, I looked better before I started the Summer Body Challenge. Since I’m always honest, you already know that this time around I just didn’t have my mentality in order. I started of super good, but a lot has happened in my life, not all bad by the way. But enough things have happened to throw me off my game. I am working on getting my mindset in order and I’ve been feeling a bit better.

Working on the best version of yourself means you also work on your mindset, not just your body. When both things are in balance I always do so much better. So even though my summer body still is in the works, I am working on becoming a better person. That is also a good goal to have, if you ask me. I do always pick myself up every day, I never stop! That’s why I managed to lose one kilo in one week. Mostly water weight, but hey… It’s still a kilo!

summer bodyPIN IT!

If you are having trouble working on your best version and/or your summer body too, please don’t feel bad. I’m serving you a realistic look into my life, so you know it’s completely normal to get of track sometimes. This is one of the reasons why I started posting my journey. I felt abnormal looking at people online who always seem to do so well. It really got me thinking I wasn’t doing enough, but I am and so are you.

Keep working on the best version of yourself, that is all you need!


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