Summer Body Challenge: Only 2 kilo’s to go

I have been stuck on 62 kilo’s for a month and that has got to change. I did have a good reason. I was working really hard and I had no time for good meals and meal prepping. But this week was the last week of working way too hard. I finally have my weekends back and that means I can put out new video’s and articles. In this new Summer Body Challenge episode I take you with me to the gym and grocery shopping.

summer body challengePIN IT!

I hope it inspires you to get your own healthy lifestyle in order and just go for it. I also have a new workout in this video for you. It’s pretty easy and it’s good for your entire body. We have to keep it balanced right! So you won’t just find booty building exercises here, but workouts that will get your full body in shape. I really hope you like this new episode. I’m still learning how to use Premiere Pro, but I think I did pretty well this time.

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P.S. Find my workouts here!


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