The casual turtleneck dress outfit

Ready for new outfit inspiration? Because I have some for yah, so let’s go! This casual turtleneck dress by H&M was purchased a long time ago, in 2015 to be precise. And I’ve only worn it once before, simply because I didn’t know how to style it. But turtlenecks are back and there are a lot of ways to style them now. I’ve also gotten a better sense of my own style which makes it easier to put outfits together.

I decided to wear this dress to work with chunky boots by Tommy Hilfiger. It seemed the right style move to make, because this casual turtleneck dress has a straight cut. Therefor it doesn’t look as feminine as one of those bodycon dresses. The chunky boots are a better match than high heels. The dress doesn’t have much shape and it looks a bit sloppy without a belt. That’s why I added a very old waist belt by Mango which brings back my silhouette.

I really, really dislike pantyhose’s and tights. They always start to sag around the butt, they rip very easily and I don’t like how they look. I choose a pair of black leggings instead which are also much warmer than the other two options. I really don’t want to be cold during the winter if I don’t have to be, haha! The leggings are high waisted which helps create a smooth look. That’s much better than those annoying underwear lines you’d otherwise see.

I kept my jewelry minimal with a simple silver pendant, my new Pandora ring and simple earrings. I totally forgot to photograph the leather jacket I wore over it. But I think you can imagine a short biker jacket over this dress. It makes the whole outfit look a bit more robust and cooler, which turtleneck dress really needs. Aaah, I think I finally found a good way to style this outfit and I will definitely wear it like this again.

Would you rock this outfit too?


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