The ‘I don’t want to get fat during the holidays’ workout, MadMess 2018

Wow, time goes fast! We are already at MadMess episode number five. This episode is all about not getting fat during the holidays. That’s why I’m showing you my home workout for your abs and booty. My main goal is strengthening my core because I want to get some definition in my stomach area. I’ve never had visible abs before, mostly because I hated doing crunches. I wasn’t really good at it and I didn’t have enough strength, but I do now!

workoutPIN IT!

This ‘I don’t want to get fat during the holidays’ workout is going to leave you sore. The exercises are simple, yet very effective. You can use body weight or add some dumbbells, ankle weights and resistance bands. I personally like using these items to add some resistance. I’m all about leveling up my strength and creating a lean body. A little extra weight doesn’t hurt, so I’m amping it up!

Enough talking, let’s work out!


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