The Max Factor Miracle touch skin smoothing foundation review

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve written a foundation review. Mostly because I’m very happy with my Estee Lauder Double wear foundation. But the last few weeks were very sunny and my Estee Lauder foundation became a little too light for me. After looking around in my beauty closet, I found the Max Factor Miracle touch skin smoothing foundation. Which matches my more tanned face really well and I fell in love with this foundation. It’s been on my face almost every day now. So, let’s see what I really think of this product.

Product: Miracle touch skin smoothing foundation, I use Golden 075

Brand: Max Factor

Rating: 7

Promises: ‘The Skin Smoother. The formula melts and glides across uneven skin for a miracle smooth finish,’ according to the Max Factor website.

Price: €17,99 at Douglas

Without make-up


Let’s talk structure first. As a make-up artist I’ve always loved cream foundations because they’re easy to apply. This Max Factor Miracle touch skin smoothing foundation is also creamy and easy to apply. It really surprised me when I picked some product up with my flat top kabuki brush. The foundation is super soft, creamy and very pigmented without being cakey. It’s very easy to apply with a kabuki brush and one layer is enough for me. The coverage is medium or high, depending on how many layers you apply.

Left picture: Foundation only on the left – Right picture: Full face of foundation

Blending is super easy with this foundation. It’s also really good to combine with the Estee Lauder Double wear concealer. I’ve been setting this foundation with the Laura Mercier Secret brightening powder and the Fit me powder by Maybelline. I have noticed that I need to add more powder to this foundation to really set it well. Probably because it’s a cream foundation and it has a soft glow. If that isn’t what you’re looking for, some extra setting powder may be needed.

max factor foundation in Golden 075PIN IT!

Another thing I like about the Max Factor Miracle touch skin smoothing foundation, is that it doesn’t have a scent. Most drugstore foundations have a scent or annoying fragrance, but this one doesn’t! They also have a decent amount of foundation colors to choose from. I did notice the color I’m using (which is Golden 075), sometimes oxidizes and turns out a bit rosy after setting it. I think this happens depending on which setting powder I use. I’ve tried different ones and not all setting powders worked well with this foundation.

Miracle touch skin smoothing foundation swatches

PIN IT! Caramel 085, Golden 075, Rose beige 065, Warm almond 045, Pearl beige 035, Porcelain 030, Blushing beige 055



It’s surprising, but I couldn’t really find any bad points regarding the Max Factor Miracle touch skin smoothing foundation. I did find three things you should consider before buying this foundation. The first one is that it’s really creamy, so I wouldn’t recommend it to someone with oily skin. My skin can be quite dry, but this foundation can feel a little too rich on my face. I often had to re-apply my setting powder because my face turned shiny. At first, I thought it was the warm summer weather, but this foundation really needs some extra setting powder.

Miracle touch skin smoothing foundation swatchesPIN IT!

Although they have eight colors to choose from, most of them don’t have a yellow undertone. As a person with a pretty much yellow face all the time, it’s quite hard to match the perfect color. The only reason I could pull of the Golden color is because I’m very tan at the moment. I suggest testing the colors before you buy, because it’s about €18 which is pretty expensive for a drugstore foundation. The last thing I noticed is that this foundation can accentuate pores. I don’t have large pores at all, but this foundation and depending on the type of finishing powder I used, made my pores appear to be larger than they are.

Miracle touch skin smoothing foundation in golden beigePIN IT!

The verdict

I’m pleasantly surprised by the Max Factor Miracle touch skin smoothing foundation. Max Factor has a bit of ‘an old lady brand’ reputation here in the Netherlands, but their products are often really good. This foundation is also really good and worth a try. The product does what Max Factor promises. It’s very easy to apply and it makes my skin look good and smooth. I like how it makes my skin look a bit glowy without looking greasy. I would definitely buy this foundation again if they were to add some more yellow toned foundations. I would recommend using it with the HD powder by Make Up For Ever, since other mattifying powders made my pores visible.

What do you think of this foundation?


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Max Factor foundation

PIN IT! With fixing powder, contour and blush


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