The oversized shirt outfit

I found a lot of old clothes while going through my fall wardrobe. Items that I bought at least five years ago when I was heavier. A lot of those clothes are now way too big for me, but I didn’t just want to throw them out yet. The minimalist inside me decided to create a few new outfits with those pieces. So here it is, the oversized shirt outfit. Or as we Dutch girls call it, an oversized blouse. This one isn’t just cut oversized, it’s also a size to big. It’s a medium while I have a size small now.

This oversized shirt outfit came out pretty cool though. I like how I can mix something simple as a shirt with a black pair of leggings, and make it look pretty cool. It’s a pretty minimalistic outfit and that’s why I decided to add some gold jewelry. The white shirt has very tiny gold buttons which made it easy to pick fitting accessories. I’ve been experimenting with layering necklaces and decided to add a cute little mix to this outfit.

I’m wearing a cute Baublebar necklace made out of three dainty strands. I added my zodiac necklace with the Leo star sign. Since the team turned out black, white and gold, I had to add my pumps with gold toecaps. These pumps are very, very old as swell but they’re my favorites. They look great under almost any outfit and they’re pretty easy to walk on, even though they’re quite high.

I think I did quite well with creating this oversized shirt outfit. I think I’ll keep this old shirt around a little longer before I really toss it out. I might upgrade to an oversized shirt that’s a bit more modern with a better fit. I think I also want to invest in a nice string body with some lace. I think that would give the outfit an edge while not going too overboard with the sexiness. Time to go shopping, haha!

Would you rock a simple oversized shirt like this?


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