The red top and the black skirt

Sometimes you just walk into a shop and see exactly what you’ve been looking for. That’s what happened when I walked into the Costes store last week. In the store window there was the red top I’m wearing in these outfit pictures. I saw it and I had to have it. It’s seems like such a simple top, but it’s all in the details. This red top has a really small black polka dot pattern. These small little black dots make it so easy to pair this top with other black clothing items. Like this amazing H&M skirt that’s been hanging in my closet for a few years now.

I used to hate wearing skirts, I really did! But since I lost weight and feel much better in my own skin, I want to wear skirts again. Back in the day I would wear an all-black top with this skirt, but now I’m styling it with the red top. This red top brings the entire outfit to life and yet it’s so simple. As I’ve told you in my first summer capsule wardrobe video, I really like simple and minimal outfits. I think I accomplished creating another one. The red top really makes this outfit pop and with little effort.

I’ve worn this outfit with simple black slippers, but you know me: I need my high heels, haha! So yes, I’ve also styled this outfit with a pair of old black Zara pumps with metal heels. It’s all in the details. I wanted to go with a black purse but couldn’t find it, so I wore my Sandro Lou bag. This bag is very stylish yet so timeless, but it doesn’t feel like the best fit for this outfit. That means I’ll have another go with finding the right bag. I still do really love this outfit and how simple it is. It still looks like I’ve made an effort because of the color combination.

Tell me, how would you style a red top like this?


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