The Rodial Pink diamond instant lifting serum review

Hey doll, it’s been a while since I’ve written about a super luxurious skincare product. That’s why you’ll find the Rodial Pink diamond instant lifting serum in this review. This serum was gifted to me by a PR agency a while ago, but I never got around to testing it. Now that the winter has started, I can use some extra good skincare. The Rodial Pink diamond instant lifting serum seemed like a good option and I want to tell you all about my experience. Are you ready for some extra luxurious skincare?

Product: Pink diamond instant lifting serum

Brand: Rodial

Rating: 7

Promise: ‘A triple-action flash radiance serum with an immediate skin-lifting effect, evens skin tone and adds luminosity with real diamond powder. A powerful cocktail of age-defying enzymes and proteins elevate the appearance of facial contours for a visible lift to help tackle sagging skin. Vitamin c and chromabright technology help even skin tone and brighten the complexion. Diamond powder reflects light to give the complexion a soft, natural glow. Skin is visibly firmer, tighter and pigmentation reduced,’ according to the Rodial website.

Price: €275 at Rodial or $310 at Saks Fifth Avenue

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I have to quickly touch on the packaging of this serum, because it comes with a pump. I can’t tell you how happy I am about that, because it’s more hygienic which is very important to me. You will also love this packaging if you love pink and diamonds, because the packing is on pinky point! What I also like about this serum is that it contains small shimmering particles. I guess this is the diamond powder they’ve added to the serum. This gives your skin a very nice and subtle glow after applying the serum.

Rodial Pink diamond instant lifting serumPIN IT!

The Rodial Pink diamond instant lifting serum does really tighten up the skin. I feel it within a minute after applying. You do need to use a moisturizer or day cream with this serum, because it will leave your skin to tight and dry without. I’ve been using this serum for two weeks now and I do notice that my skin looks a bit fresher. It seems less dry and dull, which is why I love using serums. It’s also feels very nice under make-up, because my skin absorbs this serum very well.

Rodial Pink diamond instant lifting serumPIN IT!

I also see that my skin looks a bit more even as promised. You wouldn’t be able to see it on photo’s, but I can notice that it looks a bit more even. Not a lot, but enough for me to notice a difference. I don’t think this serum will help you fight discoloration or hyperpigmentation, but it might give your skin a little boost. I wore this serum with day cream to a casting last week and it looked pretty good. So the Rodial Pink diamond instant lifting serum might also be perfect for people that don’t want to wear make-up, but do want a glowy skin.


The price is something you might not like. I don’t mind spending money on skincare, but even I think this is a bit too much for a serum. I can’t find something I really dislike about this product. I did notice that a few day creams don’t mix well with this serum. They wouldn’t absorb into my skin with the serum as a base and they started pilling on my skin. Which made it hard to do my make-up because I had to clean my face again before applying foundation.

So no real bad points, it just isn’t very special in my opinion. I think it’s a bit overrated and too expensive. I wasn’t super surprised by the results and it’s not like my skin looked a lot better than it used to. It didn’t notice any extra hydrating or anti-aging results. Which isn’t weird because I don’t have any wrinkles. I do have some fine lines around my eyes, but they didn’t become less visible or blurred with this serum. Which should be the bare minimum result according to Rodial.

Rodial Pink diamond instant lifting serum reviewPIN IT!

The verdict

The Rodial Pink diamond instant lifting serum isn’t a product I would buy after trying it out. I think it’s very expensive compared to other serums with the same benefits. I do think there could be people who would benefit from the lifting and firming results. Because this serum does really tighten up your skin and I can actually feel it happening. But in all honesty, I think you could find a similar product for a lower price. I personally think diamond powder is a bit overrated. This ingredient is on the bottom of the ingredient list, so how effective can it be?

So yes, the packaging is very nice but it isn’t enough for me to spend over €200 on a serum. Would you buy and try this serum?


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Rodial Pink diamond instant lifting serumPIN IT!

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