This is not goodbye

Excuse the super dramatic title, but I’m in drama queen mode. I’m probably at the Apple store while you’re reading this article. Because my beloved Macbook pro needs to be repaired. This means I won’t have it for a couple of days and it already makes me feel stressed as fudge. My Macbook is almost always with me. The only thing I don’t do is sleep, poop or shower with it, haha! Giving it up for a few days feels like I’m about to amputate my arm, eheh… So no, this is not goodbye. This is me being super dramatic, haha!

But my Macbook is now about four years old and it needs a new battery and keyboard. My Macbook has survived a lot of ‘attacks’ by clumsy people like myself. But also colleagues who’ve accidentally threw drinks and sauces over my Macbook. I know, don’t ask me how… I’m not without a computer though, I have two extra at the office. It just makes it harder for me to work fast because I can’t be at the office day and night. Therefor I’m not able to upload an extra video today. I’ll hopefully be back on Sunday with a new one.

This is not goodbyePIN IT!

It is really necessary to give my Macbook an update. Especially since the keyboard doesn’t work anymore and I’ve been working on a separate Bluetooth keyboard for months now. I can’t tell you how annoying it is to bring an extra keyboard everywhere I go. I guess those few days without my Macbook will definitely benefit me in the long run. It just means I might not be able to post a blog post on Friday and Sunday. But like I said, this is not goodbye. As soon as get my Macbook back, I’ll be back on the blog and vlog-grind.

In the mean time you can check out all the videos I’ve already posted on my Youtube channel. You can also follow me on Instagram where I post all my daily updates. Don’t worry, you don’t have to miss me at all if you don’t want to, hihi! I’ve also been appreciating all the Instagram messages and Youtube comments with article and video suggestions. You guys are truly the best and you’ve been helping me a lot with creating content we all love. I’m truly grateful for all your help, it makes my days sooo much better!

Well, I’ll see you soon and I hope you have an awesome day.


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