Vitamins and supplements I use (on keto)

I get a lot of questions about the vitamins and supplements I use on Keto and in general. I thought it would be good to dive into this subject in my new video. Mostly because there’s a lot of (inaccurate) advice given on the internet and it annoys me. Mainly because I believe in seeking professional help, in this case going to the doctor for a checkup. I do not believe in self diagnosing and self-medicating when you’re not sure what is going on. That’s why I go to the doctor to get my health checked every year. You should too, just to be safe.

I actually went about three weeks ago to check my blood, vitamins and mineral levels. As I’ll explain in the video, I do have to give you some context to understand why I do this. First of all, I trust my doctor’s professional opinion and science. I do not go of the advice given on the internet and I suggest you don’t either. I also have a birch tree pollen allergy. Which means I’m allergic for birch tree pollen and many of the fruit and vegetables in the same family. I also have a seafood, fish, peanut and nut allergy. And last but not least, I have chronic eczema and hay fever.

vitamins and supplements on ketoPIN IT!

There are a lot of things I can’t eat, and I’ve been eating Keto style since May 2017. I have to admit I was a bit worried about not having enough essential vitamins and minerals in my body. That’s why I asked the doctor to do a general blood test and check my vitamin B1, B6, B12, D25, iron and potassium. Well, good news because my results were perfect! I’m even doing pretty well with my vitamin D, which is usually way too low. So I can use my vitamins and supplements on Keto, but I don’t have to.

As the doctor explained to me, these vitamins and supplements are only to be used as a boost. You can’t use supplements to replace food, but you can add them to your diet if your lacking vitamins or minerals. In my case I can use the vitamin D supplements to keep that up. And my doctor told me I can use my other supplements when I feel my body needs the extra boost. So no, the Keto diet isn’t bad for me when it comes to my vitamins and minerals. And I’m really happy about it because I love this way of eating!

Do you take any vitamins and supplements on keto or in general?


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