Vlog #116: Full body workout and Keto grocery haul

Having a little bit more time on my hands is a bliss. I can do more work for my blog and Youtube channel, so here is an extra video for this week. I thought it would be fun to publish an extra one with a good full body workout. This new workout contains some of my favorite exercises. These are all pretty easy and all you need is a cable station and a Smith machine. This workout took me about an hour and I’m still feeling my muscles right now.

full body workoutPIN IT!

I also added my Keto groceries for three days so you can get some inspiration for your own meals. I know this diet is turning into a hype at the moment, but for me it truly is a lifestyle. It’s also a very easy and healthy way the lose weight for me. The groceries in this video are the ones I buy almost every week. A very realistic view in my refrigerator and food diary. I hope it helps you out and be sure to check out my low carb and keto recipes for more help.

Enjoy this extra vlog,


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