Vlog 117: Trying new things

This last weekend was awesome! That is also why this vlog didn’t go up on Sunday but today on Monday. I just really wanted to be in the moment and enjoy myself after working so much. That does mean that this vlog is jam packed with cool footage and new adventures. Because I’ve been trying new things and new workouts to keep myself excited about life. I think it’s really important to do so, because work isn’t all that my life should be.

trying new thingsPIN IT!

In this vlog you will find new workout inspiration. I also bring you with me to work where we were shooting for one of our brands. My sister was the model and the shoot went great. I also went to eat some good food and went to a new waffle house in The Hague. I really hope this vlog gives you some new inspiration and new motivation to try new things too. Just get up and enjoy life after watching this vlog, hihi!

Enjoy the video and I’ll see you soon,


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