Vlog 118: Getting into the Christmas spirit

Yasss, I know I’m early! I just couldn’t resist sprinkling a bit of Christmas on top of this vlog. I know many people in America are getting ready for Halloween. That holiday just isn’t that popular in Holland yet, so Christmas is the next best thing. The garden centre where I was this Saturday already had a lot of their Christmas items installed. My mom and I love to walk through those magical aisles filled with Christmas decorations.

christmas spiritPIN IT!

I also show you how my life is getting much better after getting my weekends back. Having more time for myself is making me feel so much more relaxed. I can also start doing what I love to do and work my butt off during the week. The weekends are totally mine and I fill them up with doing fun things. I also show you what I’ve been eating this week because you sweeties were asking for it. I hope you like this vlog, I’ve done my best to make it a good one.

Enjoy the video,


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