Vlog #119: Shopping and hip dip tips

Well, well, well… It’s Sunday and that means it’s time for a new video. I have been trying to switch it up as much as possible. For example, I now have the new series called The Healthy Life, but I will never stop vlogging. So here is a new vlog with some hip dip tips and some cool items which I bought for the office. I thought it would be fun to throw in a shorter vlog for once. Those are nice and easy to watch, especially on cold winter days.

hip dip tipsPIN IT!

I think this vlog will at least give you some inspiration if you are an entrepreneur, or if you want to be one. I am also giving some quick gym tips, because you know me! I like to switch my exercises up whenever I can. Especially because I like working out with machines, mostly because those are so easy to use. But easy isn’t a word I like to use too much, so that is why you can find some harder exercises in this new vlog.

Are you ready to rumble?


P.S. I also have more workouts on my blog, check them out!


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