Vlog 124: Keto and workouts after the holidays

Oh hello, welcome back to the blog on which I now have a new vlog. I took me a little longer to upload, simply because I was enjoying my weekend. By the time I was ready with editing, Premiere pro decided to render the video on the slowest setting ever! It was crazy, haha! After almost three hours the video was finally ready to upload and yes, here it is. My first vlog of 2018 and it’s filled with two amazing workouts.

vlogPIN IT!

As soon as I started working out again I felt so much better. After being sick, feeling down and tired, it was exactly what I needed. I’m especially happy to be back on three workouts a week. It truly is my magic number and I have a rhythm down that really works for me. I truly hope you’ll use this vlog and get back into the gym as well. The workouts in this video will definitely get you a good burn, haha!

Enjoy the vlog,


P.S. I know I said it was a Healthy Life video in the beginning of this video and I would tell you about the challenge. That info will be shared a little later on, as I’m still working on it. Thank you for your patience!


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