Vlog 129: Changing up my workouts

Another Sunday, another vlog! And yes, I have been filming my meals and a part of my workout. I’ve noticed that you guys love seeing what I eat for my Keto way of eating. Y new camera makes it very possible to film everything in high quality, I love it! I made sure to include the macros of my meals this time, so you can get a better understanding of what I eat during the week. I hope it helps you out to create some nice meals for yourself.

Changing up my workoutPIN IT!

I’ve also been changing up my workouts and I like the results. For the last three months I have been incorporating more body weight and free weight exercises. Just using machines in the gym has gotten a little boring and it doesn’t seem to get me any new results. So I’m showing you a few new exercises that do help me get more and better results. I can’t wait to show you, because my new workouts are ‘en fuego.’

Let me know what you think,


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