Vlog 133: Food allergy test and eczema attacks

Oh lord, the last month has been tough when it comes to allergies and eczema. That’s why I’ve been talking about it a lot and I want to give you some insight. So that’s why I’m taking you with me to the hospital for an allergy test. I’m showing you exactly how they did it and why they tested me on several foods. I have many food allergies and it turns out I can eat a bit more than I’m used to, yeah! I’m mostly happy that I’m able to eat more fruits than before.

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If you have food allergies and eczema too, then definitely view my vlog for some support. If you’re just very curious to how the allergy test looks and what it’s like to live like this, start watching too! I personally think it’s good to know more about allergies, especially since more people seem to become allergic. It’s actually crazy to realize that allergies and eczema are faults in my DNA, people are not supposed to have these crazy reactions. I guess I’m some sort of a mutant ninja turtle, haha!

Enjoy the vlog,


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food allergy testPIN IT!


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