Vlog #134: Dealing with loss my way

Hey babes, back with another vlog. This one isn’t as normal because I’m dealing with loss. To be more accurate, our family dog has passed away after being with us for over sixteen years. I think it hasn’t really sunk in yet, but I do know I don’t want to feel sad about it. I have decided a while ago, that I don’t want to see death as something negative. Therefor I decided I want to think of my dog Tommy in a positive way. That’s why I’m focused on remembering the good old days with my fuzzy friend.

dealing with lossPIN IT!

I do however have to deal with loss, but I like doing it with an activity. That’s why the day after the funeral I went into the gym and worked out like crazy. I literally felt the stress leaving my body and I felt really relaxed when I got home. That’s why I’m sharing my workout with you to end this dreadful week on a positive note. I always feel like working out is a good cure for most things that bother me. If you’re the same, I hope that this workout helps you out too.

Enjoy the vlog and I will see you next week with a happier outlook on the world,


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