Vlog 142: I got really sick but went shopping anyway

Hi babe, how are you doing on this fine Sunday? I’m writing this at 23.37 because editing this vlog took me a bit longer than I thought it would. I’m also just getting better, because I got really sick last Saturday. I had a pretty bad flu and I’m still quite sniffy. I feel better, but I’m not on top yet. Unfortunately the flu never comes at a good time, so I’m spending my weekend indoors. Although I had a lot of plans, they all fall through because this flu is spreading fast!

I got really sickPIN IT!

My dad is celebrating his birthday tomorrow and we were supposed to go out for dinner. But my sister and mom are also sick right now, so no more dinner plans. Very sad, but on the other hand I am happy I have some time to catch up on content. I really hope you enjoy this longer vlog. I personally enjoy longer vlogs as I see them as online reality shows. Perfect to pass the time with on a slow Sunday. So enjoy the vlog and I’ll see you Monday with a new article.



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