Vlog 143: It’s like a flesh eating disease

Hi guys, welcome back to a brand new vlog. This isn’t my best week at all, it’s actually a really bad week. I’m not in the mood to do anything, as it looks like my face is suffering from a flesh eating disease. I found out this week it’s a bacterial infection and I’m currently on medication. The medication is some kind of antibiotics and I’m having pretty bad side effects. Besides that, I’ve just been feeling very, very down. I basically need a really long break from my personal life, as it’s not going the way I want it to go.

kayaPIN IT!

So in this vlog I’m serving you realness. Just a realistic week in the life, as I think it’s best not to pretend it’s all good all the time. Also, I can’t hide how I feel since it shows anyway. I’m using this vlog to acknowledge that life can also suck big time! And that I can have a few days where I actually let myself feel that. I also want to show you that it’s okay to show what’s really going on in your life. As many people hide behind happy social media posts, while they suffer in silence and never ask for help. Let’s break that cycle today.

Enjoy the vlog and thank you for sticking with me. Love,


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  • Noel

    Vervelend allemaal zeg…. hopelijk geneest het snel! Keep strong ?

  • laura

    Lieve kaya, ik hoop dat je je snel weer beter voelt. Ik ben al sinds je powderxxxpuff tijd een trouwe kijker en volger en zal dit ook blijven!
    You rock!!