Vlog 144: Finding the perfect shoes

Oh wow, the last time I published a vlog was four months ago! Well, time to change that shall we? In this new vlog I’m showing you my quest to find the perfect shoes and how I’m growing out my hair. I’m also bringing you to work, as that is my favorite thing to do. Work? Yes, work! Because I truly love what I do and want to share that with you. I also think it’s very important to strive towards the things you love in life. Why waste it on doing things you dislike?

I always hope my vlogs to inspire you to do the same. To go out there and find your favorite thing to do. Life is short enough already, don’t waste it on doing things you hate. That’s why I went looking for the perfect shoes because I love fashion too. I felt like I look a bit frumpy lately and I needed to upgrade my outfits. So I got myself two new pairs of shoes and I really want to know what you think. My hair is also getting super long and I love it! Check out how long it’s getting now in my new vlog.

See you on the Youtubes!


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