Vlog 146: I bought furniture for my minimalist bedroom

I had a very productive week although not everything went as planned. I managed to put out a lot of work and cross out a lot of tasks on my to do list. Nothing is more satisfying then taking my favorite marker and cross tasks off. I love how it makes me more productive so I can have a bit more time for myself. Which means I was able to film this weekly vlog and show you my new bedroom furniture for my minimalist bedroom. I’ve been waiting for these new pieces of furniture for years!

minimalist bedroomPIN IT!

I haven’t bought them before because I thought they were way too expensive. My new (bed) side tables usually cost €100 per piece. Although they look great, I’d never pay that much money for them. So I kept on waiting until they went on sale and then I also had a discount code I could use, awesome! I ended up paying €150 for both side tables which makes me very happy. I never say no to a good deal and if you like these tables, you can buy them here. Now, let’s see what you think of them. My minimalist bedroom doesn’t look the way I want to yet, but these side tables make up for a good start.

What do you think, keep or toss?


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