Waking up relaxed with the Philips wake-up light

I’ll admit it, I can be a big geek and I love it! That is why I sometimes look for cool gadgets on the internet to make my life a little better. That’s how I found the Philips Wake-up light (model HF3520/01) for €99 at Bol.com. You’ve probably heard of their wake-up lights before. I’ve read a few reviews about them, but never really paid too much attention. Until my old alarm clock broke and I really needed a new one.

philips wake-up light

Why not buy the same type again? Well, this last year waking up was pretty gnarly. My old alarm clock would ‘suddenly’ go off with a loud beeping sound. I already switched it to the radio option, but that didn’t work out well either. I’m a pretty bad sleeper to begin with and although it’s getting better, I’m not there yet. My old alarm clock wasn’t good at waking me up in a gentle way. The loud and sudden noises would literally send me into a state of shock.

philips wake-up light

Nope, that is not a nice way to snooze or wake-up. It also made me start my day in a stressed state and I hate that feeling. The Philips Wake-up light is an alarm clock that wakes you up with light and sound. But it doesn’t send me into a state of shock. No, this wake-up light makes me feel like I’m waking up on a holiday or in a spa. I absolutely love it! I have been using it for about a month now and I just have to share my experience with you.

philips wake-up light review

As you can see in the pictures the Philips Wake-up light is pretty big. It’s not one of those cute small alarm clocks. It’s round and a bit bulky. It has a touchscreen with the time above it and the wake-up light sits on top. There are also some buttons on the sides around the wake-up light. I find the touchscreen easy to use now that I got the hang of it. The buttons on the sides are not that well placed in my opinion. That is the only downside about the Philips Wake-up light, if you ask me.

wake up light review

Now let me tell you about the good things the Philips Wake-up light has to offer. You can pre-set two wake-up times, so I chose six and eight am. The nice thing about this fancy alarm clock is that you can adjust everything. The duration, brightness and sound of the wake-up light can all be changed. I left my wake-up light setting on default which is twenty minutes. So twenty minutes before the alarm sound goes off, which is my favorite radio station, the wake-up light starts to shine.

wake up light kopen

It starts with a dark red color just like the sun. Towards your wake-up time it’s gradually gets brighter and brighter. It’s like a mini sunset in your room! It’s such a nice and natural way to wake up. You can use the wake-up light by itself or add a sound to it. There are some pre-set nature sounds, but I chose the radio. And even the radio starts of really soft and gradually gets a bit louder. This wakes me up ever so gently, no more state of shock in the morning. It’s amazing! Oh, and you can simply tap the wake-up light to use the snooze function.

wake up light by philips

You might be wondering why I’ve spend so much money on an alarm clock. Well, the Philips Wake-up light reviews are really good and now I can see why. It helps you wake-up the most natural way by using light. It improved the state I wake-up in by a million. The way I wake up is very important to me. I have a very busy life and often feel stressed. When I finally fall asleep and sleep well, I don’t want to mess that up by waking up stressed. My old alarm clock used to start me off in a state of shock, stress and annoyance. And that does define my day in a bad way.

philips wake up light manual

To make a long story short, the Philips Wake-up light is perfect for bad sleepers and snoozers. It’s fantastic if you want to start your days fresh and relaxed. I find that waking up like this helps me get through the day so much better, because I woke up relaxed and well rested. I have to say that now I know the difference, I don’t want to go back using my old alarm clock. Nope, I’ll stick with my Philips Wake-up light and feel much better every morning.

How do you wake up?


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