What i spend in a week

I can’t lie, I am curious to know what other people spend. Mostly to see if I’m spending my money well or how I can save some money. After watching a few ‘What I spend in a week’ video’s on Youtube, I decided to make my own. It was quite fun to make on and also very confrontational. It made me think twice about the things I was buying. I already like to do it the minimalist way: Only buying what I really need and what I really like.

what I spendPIN IT!

Sharing my expenses with the world did make buying things harder for me. It’s weird, but it make me think about what other people might think of my purchases. This is just one week in my entire life, so it’s not a good representation of how I usually handle my money. I didn’t leave anything out though. I really included everything I bought, except for my reoccurring bills for rent and such. I did not include those because those are too personal in my opinion.


I’m usually around €50 a week when it comes to spending money on groceries. I do spend more money on food because I like eating Keto style. I also have been eating out a lot the last few weeks. Something I haven’t done in a while because I wanted to save some money. And there were also some things that I really needed to buy. Like a new bag because my old one is falling apart. Well, I’m curious to know what you think of what I spend in a week.

Check the video and let me know!


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