What i wore this week, fall outfits 2019

Hey babe, welcome back to another fashion video. I wanted to post this one yesterday, but this Sunday went a little different than I expected. I had to take a forced break from posting on my blog, but I did post a new What I Wore This Week video on my Youtube channel. I love making these videos because they give you a realistic view into someone’s closet. Especially when they have a capsule wardrobe like me.

what i wore this week
What i wore this week

In this new What I Wore This Week video I’m showing you my business outfits. I had a week filled with meetings and important appointments, so I had to dress to impress. I think I did pretty well with mixing old items with new items. I tend to keep it really simple as I’ve learned that less is more. If I wear too many clothing items and accessories, I tend to look overdressed where others would totally fine. But I’ve found a happy medium for me.

So check it out and let me know what you think of my outfits,


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