Where I’m at with Minimalism

‘Hey Kay, didn’t you start with minimalism a while ago? How is that going?’ you ask. Well, let me tell you because it’s going great. But before I jump in, I want to give you a quick explanation about minimalism. It stands for only keeping what you actually use and really like. So no holding on to clutter in the closet or buying things you don’t need. Nope, you just stick to the basics as much as possible.

Why? Well, for example it’s good for the environment, your wallet and your peace of mind. There are some minimalists who go the extra mile and only live with the basics. I’ve seen minimalists with only a few clothing items and one pair of shoes. Houses with simple chairs, a table, a closet and a mattress on the floor. It depends on what you think is truly needed in your life. That’s is why there are many types of minimalists and variations on minimalism.


To me it’s a way to declutter my life, my mind and my house. This helps me to focus better and stop holding on to items I don’t need. It also helps me not to buy things that are unnecessary and of poor quality. In my case that means only buying make-up when I actually need it. It seemed impossible to do as a make-up artist and beauty blogger. But to be honest it is pretty doable and it feels great!

I get sent so many products I don’t really need to buy anything. Neither do I really need more beauty products, since the old ones aren’t used up yet. I can’t tell you how much money I saved by not shopping for make-up, but it’s a lot. Shopping for clothes is also different for me now. I think twice about what I am going to buy and I really invest in high end pieces of good quality.

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Like the Tommy Hilfiger coat that I bought this winter which is timeless. It’s dark blue, fits with almost any outfit that I have and it is super warm. The price was over €200,- but it will keep me warm for at least four years. Just like my other Tommy Hilfiger coat. Important wardrobe pieces are worth investing in, if you ask me. The minimalist in me does make sure I do not buy anymore coats. One winter coat of good quality is enough!

I’ve also thrown away a lot of accessories I had kept for my house. Many of them didn’t match or weren’t my taste anymore. So I gave a bunch away, brought some to goodwill and threw the broken ones away. Less clutter in my house made the biggest impact. I am not done yet because there are still some little knick knacks that need to go. But I feel so much less cooked up in my apartment, it’s fantastic.

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So yes, I can say that minimalism is definitely making a good impact in my life. I have started using more durable items to help the environment. I also work on planning my meals so I don’t have to throw away left over food. This helps me save some money and actually eat what I buy. The only thing I haven’t figures out yet is the clutter in my house. And I’m not talking about things I don’t need, but the things I do need and don’t have any closet space for.

Most clutter is in my home office so the best thing is getting an actual office. So that’s what I am working on and I have been looking for the perfect space this last month. When I move all of my work stuff into an office, there will be so much more space. I can’t wait! I have been smart about my home office though. I only have the basics and I haven’t bought any unnecessary stationary or gadgets. Yup, pretty proud of myself.

How are you using minimalism?


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where i'm at with minimalism


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