Why I hate counting calories

Counting calories, I hate it! I also really dislike that the food and fitness industry put too much focus on it, in my opinion. And I really want to share that opinion and my experience, because I think it might help you out. You see, just like many other people I ate way too much when I was younger. I thought I’d never get fat. Boy oh boy, was I wrong! You can see how bad it got in this article, but also how I got my normal body back. And it wasn’t by counting calories, in fact it was the opposite!

Now let’s get this straight right away: Yes, calories are important. Yes, it is wise to keep an eye on them. Yes, it’s a good way of tracking if you’re eating too much or not enough. Yes, counting calories might help you lose weight, but it usually doesn’t in the long run. The reason for this article and sharing my opinion are the millions of Instagram posts about calories. I recently started following a girl that calls herself a nutrition guru. Well… That’s quite the title, isn’t it? Anyway, I started following her for the pretty food photos she posts.

After following her for a few days I noticed she was putting a lot of focus on calories. And that really, really annoys me. She isn’t the only one, there are loads of people in the industry doing the same. As if counting calories is the only way to lose weight and create a healthier body. I used to think the same way. I tried a few diets, went crazy because I was hungry all the time and counting calories made me feel very restless. And I’m not the only one. Living your life while being focused on those stupid numbers all the time drives many people crazy.

I am all about creating the best version of myself and I hope you are too. This is why I never ever tell you WHAT to do, but what you CAN do. I think it’s better to focus on what works for your mindset, your body and your goals. And that’s exactly why I hate counting calories, because it doesn’t provide you with an actual solution. You see, many of us get fat because we eat out of emotions or bad habits. Maybe you’re super stressed, in a bad situation or not educated enough (yet) about healthy eating habits.

Counting calories didn’t help me get rid of the stress that got me eating too much in the first place. Instead, it added more stress and frustration. Counting calories doesn’t help you with that and it doesn’t help you fix all the cravings you might have. Creating a healthier body takes more than just counting calories. It takes a healthy mindset towards food and not being afraid of enjoying a snack once in a while. It takes knowledge about yourself, how your body works and what foods make you feel better or not.

I guess I want to say that counting calories can be a good thing, but it shouldn’t be your core business. You see, I haven’t really counted calories in years. I focus on eating the right macronutrients and a healthy relationship with food. I’ve invested in my mindset and figured out why I ate way too much. That mental health aspect often is the biggest reason why we gain weight in the first place. When I feel good, I don’t even think about food. When I feel great, I enjoy eating because my body tells me to. I don’t crave all the bad foods anymore!

I don’t feel guilty for eating a tasty snack during the weekend. I don’t worry about the calories because I know that my healthy lifestyle is on point. I can enjoy something tasty if I want to, because it won’t take over my life anymore. So yes, counting calories can be a good thing. But if you find yourself stressing out about it or being too focused on the numbers, it’s time for a different approach. Try figuring out where your appetite is coming from and how you can fix it.

A balanced person with a good mindset and good mental health doesn’t need food in a bad way. Most bad and good food habits have developed because you’ve been trying to cope with something. Some people use alcohol, drugs or other extreme ways to express and destress. But if you’re vice is food, you’re not going to fix it by just counting calories. So please don’t fall for the counting calories trap, thinking it will fix all your problems.

Take care of yourself and quit the numbers,


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