Why I took a little blog break

Hey babe, how are you doing? I’m doing great and that’s why I’m getting back to blogging. You probably noticed I took a blog break, although I kept updating my blog with videos almost every Sunday. I decided not to worry about not posting four times a week. I normally would, but I’ve become a bit wiser lately. You probably already know I’ve been working really hard on improving myself. I’ve also been working on improving my company and income. That takes dedication, time, effort and a lot of energy.

Unfortunately I can’t do everything at the same time and I had to make a choice. You see my health and company are very important to me. They both help me create the life I love to live. Therefore, I decided to give that all of my attention, because it will benefit me in the long run. Now that my business is stronger and the year is winding down, I’ve found time to get back to blogging. I used October and November to create a lot of good content. I will start to release my new articles in December, and I can’t wait!

blog breakPIN IT!

Taking some time really helped me clear my mind and return to my vision for my blog. I pretty much lost it when I got caught up in the numbers game a few years ago. That’s why I changed up my blog and Youtube channel about two years ago. I realized I wasn’t making the content I really wanted to make. It can be really hard to stick to your guns, in a world where everyone is chasing the hypes to stay relevant. I’m not about that life, I’m about doing what makes me happy. Which sometimes happens to also make other people’s life a bit better. I at least provide some good entertainment, haha!

Taking a few months off helped me figure out the subjects I really want to talk about. I like writing about real life problems and experiences, that’s what I’ll be doing. Just like writing about cool products, what I’m wearing and business tips. This little blog break allowed me to write valuable articles that can actually help you get ahead in life. How cool is that!? I really hope you’ll like my articles and the new videos I’ll be putting out. They’re all made with love, while keeping in mind I want to give you some actual value. So we both can create the best versions of ourselves, because we are freaking awesome!

Stay tuned for the new content, it’ll start dropping December 1th!


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