Why I used to hide and why you shouldn’t

I learned at a very young age that there’s a lot of stupid, mean and rude people in this world. As a child I grew up covered in eczema, which was never a problem to me until people started telling me it was. My parents never did, my parents were always normal around me. I was their kid and that was it. Yes, I was sick and I had some horrible health problems, but they never treated me like I was weird or special. But the older I got, the more people outside of my family started telling me there was something wrong with me.

They didn’t always do it with words. They would sometimes just look at me and the looks on their faces and actions would say enough. As I got older I got into fights at school, because people would comment on my looks. Well, let me tell yah… I’m not one to just sit back and say nothing. I will come for you, haha! In my teens and twenties, I had trouble getting hired because of my looks. Companies would tell me I didn’t look presentable enough or find some other reason why they couldn’t hire or could fire me.

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I’m not sharing this story with you to complain. I want to provide you with some context, so you know where I’m coming from. Because getting or not getting things because of the eczema and the look it gave me, made me want to hide. And so I did! No, I didn’t like having eczema because it doesn’t only look horrible, it feels even worse. But I never really disliked myself and I was always pretty confident about my capabilities. Other people were trying to tell me I shouldn’t, couldn’t or simply stop doing certain things because of my looks.

I used to hide just so I wouldn’t have to listen to unsolicited advice, opinions, stupid and hurtful comments. I started working on my dreams behind the scenes and I got bigger and stronger. The hard work paid off and I managed to create a life and job where I do not have to depend on other people’s opinions about me. I’m (almost) living my dream and it feels really good. But recently I noticed that I sometimes still hide. Wait, whut!? I look pretty normal now and I’m pretty fun to be around. So why am I still hiding?

Well, I’m not ‘hiding’ because I have to, I’m just really used to it and I never really stopped the habit. And I got this realization because I’m learning more about branding. I am very aware that I have to be visible in order to take my business to another level. I think anyone who’s really ambitious and is working on their dreams, needs to be very visible. If you are like me and you’ve been hiding for whatever reason, stop it right now! Realize that you are the best spokesperson for yourself and you need to get the word out there.

I used to hide because I was tired of hearing mean and untrue things about myself. Now I have to shake that habit, so I can tell the right story about me. Which is really important if I want to attract the right people for my personal life and business. You see, people won’t look for you and your skills if they don’t know about you. You need to scream on the top of your lungs and let them now you’re out there. You have to stop hiding and show your true colors. Make them look for you, ask around about you and get them in your world.

That’s why I’ve been upping my social media game. I also started writing and vlogging about things that I really, really like. I do this here on my personal blog, but also on my business blogs. You see, I have a unique perspective on things and (likeminded) people need to hear it. This is how I set myself apart from the masses and get my way. If you want something, go and get it. In this case it starts by showing yourself and letting people know what you’re about. Throw your personality in the game!

It’s not just about getting attention, it’s about getting the attention and turning it into something meaningful. Don’t get it twisted, everyone can do this especially with all the social media apps out there. It’s easier than ever! Anyone can get famous, a job, a lover, a friend, an experience or whatever it is you want to get through showing yourself. We’ve all seen it happen before and you can do it too! If you are still hiding yourself, stop doing so. Show yourself, let people know who you are, what you can do and what you want to achieve.

Get your own brand out and make people want to get to know you. You are unique enough and you must have something special, because we all do. Please don’t hide because you think the world isn’t waiting for you to show up. Because it doesn’t (always know it is) and so you need to make it want you. There is a lot that you can do yourself to make your dreams come true. It starts with showing yourself and telling your own story.

I used to hide and this is why you shouldn’t.


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