Why I’m still single during Christmas, MadMess 2018

Let’s be honest, being single or alone for whatever reason during the holiday’s sucks! Let me rephrase that: It CAN suck, it doesn’t always suck for everyone. But it is something that can make people feel really bad, especially during the holidays. The media, friends and family can make you feel like it’s bad to be single. They might look at you with pity or sadness. It may not be a problem for you at all, until people start to make it a problem for you. I’m still single and I never feel like it’s a problem, until the holiday season arrives.

still singlePIN IT!

That’s why I want to address still being single during the holidays. I personally love being single and I’m very good at being alone. But I would lie if I said it never bothers me, because it does. I would like to be able to share fun things with a boyfriend. I would like to spend the holidays with the man of my dreams, I’m just not there yet. This does make me dread the holidays, because once again I’ll be stuck on the couch at my parents’ house. Don’t get me wrong, I love my parents! But I would also love a sexy man next to me.

So let’s talk about being single during Christmas and making it work!


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  • laura

    haha! je kan zo leuk over jezelf vertellen, ondanks dat je moeite had met dit onderwerp was dat totaal niet aan je te merken.
    Als ik je een tip mag geven over je liefdesleven, typ op youtube eens “mannengeheim” in. Hierbij vind je heel veel informatie videos over daten waar je ook echt wat aan hebt. Succes!