Why you should never give up!

Today I took a quick look at my bank account and noticed money was added twice. I totally forgot that my blog is still making money, until I saw some come in today. No, this article isn’t about money, but the money coming in is proof that I should never give up. This is my motto, my mantra, my truth: Never give up! Why I’m talking about this subject? Well, I’ve seen a few things happen lately that really put my faith back into place. And I hope this article can do the same for you.

You see, last year around this time I was suffering from Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Not realizing I had it, I kept thinking I was just a little stressed and maybe even overreacting at times. Finding out that I wasn’t just stressed and then fixing the GAD, helped me tremendously. It also took me out of the running for at least three months, working on reprogramming my brain. I don’t have GAD anymore, but in my opinion, I did lose a lot of time. I wasn’t able to work on the level I usually do during the cognitive therapy for the GAD.

I usually work a lot and on full capacity, which I wasn’t doing for about three months while working on the GAD. I did my work, but I was too tired to do anything more. I had enough money saved up to live off, but money runs out eventually. After getting back on my feet, I had to get back into business right away! But I’m still tired from reprogramming my brain and I haven’t had a break or holiday in years. All of this made me feel like my life wasn’t going anywhere, and for a while it really wasn’t. All this made me feel very unsuccessful.

But then I thought about my motto, my mantra, my truth: Never give up! I didn’t start a company to stop. I didn’t start my blog and Youtube channel to quit. I didn’t pour all of my focus, love, energy and money into my businesses to fail. No, I am already succeeding and it’s only going to get better. Suddenly my fighters mentality came rushing back up and I was like: ‘I’m not giving up god dammit! Don’t be such a pussy!’ Yes, that’s how I talk to myself, haha! Me, myself and I get into pretty harsh conversations sometime, but it works for us… I mean me! Bad joke, but you know I’m the queen of corny jokes.


Now let’s get back to the money. On June 17, 2017 I announced on my blog and Youtube channel I was going back to communicating in English. Yes, my first video on Youtube ever was in English, my first blog post was in English too. Later on in my online carreer I somehow got convinced by other people it was better to blog and vlog in Dutch. Two years ago I realized that wasn’t the best option for me. You see the Dutch influencer space is quite small, and almost everyone in it does the same thing. Oh no, this isn’t shade! This is me recognizing I’m not like the other Dutch influencers.

I don’t even call myself an influencer, I dislike that term. It’s too general for me as a blogger and vlogger. I have skills people, actual skills which I’ve been making a living off for the last four years. Therefor I desperately wanted to break with that influencer stereotype. I changed my blog name from PowderxxxPuff (that one really needed to go!), to Kaya-Quintana.nl. And I did the same for my Youtube channel. I lost a lot of subscribers and a lot of readers! I had people telling me left and right they weren’t going to follow me anymore. That I should stop posting because no one would read or watch my English content.


My first reaction was a bit of panic, but I was prepared because I knew I was going to happen. You see, not many people can handle change. Not many people can see the bigger picture, but I do! So the people who stopped following me: Good riddance! To the people who are still following me or just came in: You are super welcome! This is why I never give up, because there are new people following me. People, mostly women my age who are looking to create the best version of themselves, just like me!

And I love that my blog and Youtube channel are growing again, because I never give up. I knew my decision to change back to English was the best one to make. I knew I needed to setup my own marketing and PR agency called Bloggers and Brands. I knew it might take me longer to get to the top than most people, but I will be there longer than anyone else. Trust me, this story isn’t over yet and neither is yours. Just remember that not giving up means you have to keep going. Fall a hundred times but get up a hundred-and-one times.


Never giving up means you build your empire, your life, your love, your skills for years. It means you keep going where other people stop. It ends up with you being on top of your game and being so skilled no one can touch you. That’s why you should never give up! Luck is just around the corner, you just have to make the turn. Even if it takes you a bit longer than you though it would. So when I saw new money come in today, I knew I made the right decision and I will keep going. I will never give up!

And after reading this article, I know neither will you.


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