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You are always welcome to contact me through the form below. I get a lot of emails and am not always able to answer them at once. Don’t worry, you will get an answer but it might take a little longer. Send me an email at


You can contact my media agency Bloggers and Brands for advertising on via or their website.

PR agencies

PR agencies are welcome to send press releases and event invites to Please make sure they match the subjects I use for my blog like beauty, fashion and lifestyle. 

Press releases with other subjects won’t be used for publications and will be added to my spam list. I live in the Netherlands so I prefer press releases about products that are also available in the Netherlands.

Last but not least, I only accept animal cruelty free product samples for my blog and Youtube channel. An address for sending product samples is available upon request. 

You can email me via for details. I do not guarantee product placements or publications. If you do want a guaranteed placement, you are most welcome to use the advertisement options for my blog.


I have build some very good relations with the press. I love to work together on publications and interesting articles. As a journalist you are most welcome to contact me for a quote, and interview or imagery. These are some publications I’ve already been featured in:

• Editie NL tv
• CosmoGirl magazine
• Grazia magazine
• Gooisch magazine
• Hema blog
• Hogeschool van Amsterdam
• Metro paper
• Linkedin Nederland/Benelux
• Social media marketing summit
• Strictley business
• Viva magazine


Although I would love to help you with your education, I am simply too busy to help you out. Therefore I have decided to stop answering questions for school assignments.


My blog is not the place for free link trading, guest posts or infographics etc. Mails and inquiries about these subjects will not be answered.

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