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Let’s talk facts!

Want to know more about Great, here are some interesting facts and things you really need to know.

The blog as you see it now has been online since 2012, this new site launched on March 26. On this blog you will find articles and video’s about beauty, fashion, fitness, food, lifestyle and minimalism. I sometimes throw in an article about running a business, since that is what I do every day and I love it. Most visitors are women between 18 and 35 years young. They love affordable and high-end products. I mostly write about high end and luxury products in the higher price ranges.

Statistics and collaborations

At the moment reaches between 13.000 and 15.000 unique visitors per month. Most visitors come from the Netherlands, United States and the United Kingdom. Statistics are measured with Google Analytics and Clipit, a company that measures cross media reach.

I have collaborated with many brands like:

– BaByliss
– Boots shoes
– Direct lampen
– Dove
– Fanta
– Gladskin
– Glossybox
– Hema
– Inglot cosmetics
– Libresse
– Radio 538
– Reflectly app
– Soa aids Nederland
– Spa fruit
– 8X4 deodorant


I mostly use a Canon D600 for pictures and videos, but I’m in the market for a newer version. My editing software comes from Adobe, which I also use for all my companies.


Comments that contain spam or links to other sites, with no relation to the article, will be removed. Just like comments who are not polite or contain text that might make other readers and myself feel uncomfortable.

Reviews and advertorials

Reviews are based on my own opinion, which means I tell you what I think. My opinion might not be yours. So keep in mind you have to try certain products and services for yourself, in order to create your own experience and opinion.

An advertorial is a paid article, video or social media post to promote a brand, a product or service. These types of post are made to inform you about new products and brands. You can use the information to form your own opinion or try a new product. When it comes to advertorials honesty is everything. That’s why I have been marking sponsored posts and gifted items since March 24, 2015.

Products and services I bought myself will not be marked. Products and services gifted to me by PR agencies or brands themselves will be marked accordingly:

* PR sample given to express my own opinion about
** Product given for a paid advertorial

A sponsored post will be marked as an advertorial or a collaboration with a ‘brand.’ Some links on my blog are affiliate links and this blog uses cookies.


The lawyer who works on all of my businesses has carefully written out the privacy statement and cookie policy for this blog. You can download the full legal document here or read it on this page and if you’d like to receive the English version or more information, you can send me an email. I’d love to help you by answering your questions.


All the content on this website (including logo’s, texts, pictures, the name etc.), is created by me and are mine. Just like the content on my Youtube channel and social media channels. The copyright is mine and therefor you can’t use anything without my permission. I put a lot of time and effort in creating my content. If you decide not to honor that and use my content such as texts and photos without permission, my media agency will take legal action.

Giveaways and rules

If you enter a giveaway hosted at Kaya-Quintana or, you’ll agree to the following terms:

– Giveaways are available to Dutch and Belgium readers unless stated otherwise.

– can choose a runner up when the original winner does not respond in time or decided not to honor the giveaway rules.

– In general winners get chosen by an online random tool generator. A winner has two weeks to respond with an email to, unless stated otherwise. If the winner does not respond within the give time, a runner up will be chosen.

– To receive your price you most likely have to share your name and address with This information will be used to send you the giveaway price only. My team and I will handle your information with care and not use it for anything else but the giveaway.

– If a brand or PR agency sends the prices out themselves, we will share your information with them. My team and I have no say in how they handle your information, although we will insist they handle them with care, like my team and I do.

– can update giveaways and rules whenever my team and I see fit.