So this was Christmas 2018, MadMess 2018

Christmas time is over and it’s time for the last MadMess episode. Honestly, I’m glad it’s over. I wasn’t in the mood for Christmas this year, which is the reason I came up with MadMess. I’m more in the mood for the new year, because I have a lot of plans that I want to work on. Thankfully, I did have an amazing Christmas eve and first Christmas day to look back on. I made three delicious desserts and it was fun to bake again after eating no carbs for so long.

madmessPIN IT!

My parents and sister have also spoiled me to the bone. My parents gave me a nice gift and my sister went over the top by giving me the best gift ever. It was something I really wanted to have for a very long time. I was going to buy it for myself, but never got around to it. Let’s just say my sister is the best and she really, really knows me well. I hope you had a great Christmas too and definitely watch my vlog to find out what I got for Christmas.

See you soon,


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