The healthy life: Quick Keto grocery list

Good lord people, I am on a roll! I have a bit more time on my hands now, which means more video’s. Now that the Summer Body Challenge series has ended I wanted to start something new. A series that is not bound to a season and here we have it: The healthy life. In this video series I will be talking about my healthy lifestyle or attempt to having one. The video’s in this series will be about food, fitness and a relaxed mindset.

the healthy lifePIN IT!

I have always said that a healthy lifestyle is something that should come natural. It’s shouldn’t be something you’re forcing on yourself. No, it should be something that makes you feel better and able to do in a relaxed way. That is exactly what I strive for and will be showing you in the coming video’s. I have had a lot of questions about my Keto groceries and I thought a video about that would be the perfect kick off.

I will show you my quick Keto grocery list in this first video. I’m showing you all the items I get when I’m in a hurry because of work and I still want to go to the gym. All of the products are easy to find and prepare. There are no special or very expensive products in this list. I really hope this list helps you out when you are having a busy day or week. You can also check my basic Keto grocery list which I posted on my blog yesterday if you want to start with Keto.

Enjoy the video and let me know if you like it!


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