Beauty products in my gym bag

Hey doll, how are you? I hope your feeling fit and fabulous! I know I do and that’s why I want to show you the beauty products in my gym bag. It seems like a fun article to start the week. I used to throw the essentials in my bag, like a towel and a bottle of water. Until I realized that giving my skin some extra care after a workout is mandatory. Having chronic eczema makes me take care of my skin a bit more than a regular person. But even if you have normal skin, taking care of it after a workout is important.

Clinique make-up bag

I used to throw everything in my bag and I’d constantly grab the wrong item. That’s why I decided to reuse a make-up bag that I got from Clinique. It’s not my favorite color, but in the name of minimalism I’m using it anyway. There are obviously much cuter make-up bags for sale, so go nuts or find one in your current wardrobe. Carrying a make-up bag will save you time and it will keep your beauty products clean.

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EOS Essential hand lotion

I love the EOS lip balms and their hand lotion is very nice too. The reason why I carry the cucumber version in my gym bag is because working out dries out my hands. I constantly grab dumbbells, hold on to barbells and wash my hands after working out. If I didn’t use a hand cream after a workout, my hands would suffer like crazy. I often forget to use hand cream, but I do recommend it if you want to prevent your skin from drying out.

CliniqueFIT Hydrating face and body spray

I was gifted this little spray a while ago and I’ve been using it ever since. I don’t think I’ll buy this one again because I don’t like the high price for the small bottle size. I think it’s too expensive, but I do like having a spray like this in my gym bag. After cleaning my face with make-up wipes I love hydrating my skin. A spray like this is much easier than carrying a jar of day cream. It’s perfect for on the go and it helps my skin recover and cool down a bit. This is definitely a must have beauty product in my gym bag.

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CliniqueFIT Face and body cleansing wipes

Another product I will not repurchase because I think it’s too expensive. Make-up wipes are a staple in my gym bag though and I couldn’t live without them. I usually buy Garnier or Diadermine make-up wipes because they work well and aren’t too expensive. These CliniqueFIT wipes were gifted to me and I wanted to try them out. They are very gentle to the skin and I like how they refresh my face and body. I often freshen up my neck, shoulders and armpits with these wipes too. A perfect pick me up to hold me over before I hit the shower at home.

Lip balm and lipstick

I always have a nude/mauve tinted lipstick in my gym bag. I love giving myself a quick touch up after a workout. It’s especially nice if I want to run some quick errands after and not look too washed out. I also carry a lip balm and I bought the Labello stick on the go when I had some eczema around my lips. I’m not a fan of Labello lip balms, but this one does the trick after a workout. I’d rather use an EOS lip balm if I have one around. I also often throw in a lip liner, but I rarely wear make-up during the summer, so I tossed it out.

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Yup, I can’t leave my house without tissues. I often have to clean my nose during or after a workout. Especially after running on the treadmill, it’s seems to activate my nose like crazy. There’s also a lack of paper towels in my gym. After washing my hands, I often grab one of my own tissues. Let’s just say that tissues are amazing and everyone needs a packet. Especially when you have hay fever and a runny nose like me, haha!

Miscellaneous things and medical supplies

Since I’m highly allergic I always carry some antihistamine pills with me. I can’t predict an allergic reaction, so I even bring them to the gym. I have hay fever which explains the nose spray. And although it’s not a medical item, I do think a tampon is essential. I always know when I’m about to have my period, but I’d rather be safe than sorry. I always have one in my gym bag just in case. Let’s not forget about things that don’t seem important until you need them.

These are the beauty products in my gym bag. Please let me know what you bring to the gym. I’d love to know if I’m missing out on something.

Stay fit,


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